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Clarity and direction for business owners who want to multiply their income and work less hours

It’s possible

From Entreprenuer...

Too many hours without the earnings;  No clear system for getting clients; Spread too thin trying to do it all;    Not sure what next steps to take and that feeling of just being stuck;

... To CEO

Predictable income that is scaleable;    A consistent flow of great clients;    Making your business work for you;    A crystal clear plan of action that makes you feel engaged and alive;

Where do you sit on the Profit Pyramid?

The 5 entrepreneur levels represent your level of genius in creating value and leveraging it profitably.

From Red level Survivor up to Blue level Conductor, each level requires its own unique mastery. From mastering your personal value, to mastering the market, to mastering global flow. At every step, you are ‘earning the right’ to move to the next level. Like gears in a car, once you understand each level you can move smoothly from one to the next, and change pace with the seasons in your team, your company and your industry.

Try and skip levels and you run the risk of falling back to the level you started on or worse, going out of business.

Contact us now to find out the exact steps you should be taking to move to the next level in your business.


If you’re anything like so many of our Business Coaching clients were when we first started working together, it’s likely that you’re being pulled in so many directions that you just don’t know where to start (plus feeling quite a bit of stress and overwhelm too.)

Here is my best coaching for you on how to get started with the process of building a business you’ll love owning again, even in the face of all the conflicting demands on your time and attention.

Unlike most programs that only add a single piece of the puzzle, (or more than possibly what only worked for them) often leaving you more confused, more overwhelmed, more frustrated (and lighter in the wallet) than when you started. The CEO method is the system itself and is designed exactly for you and your business. All you have to do is complete the right steps in the right order and I’ll be right alongside you to keep you moving forward.

Helping you comfortably step out of your comfort zone

Meet Ian 

No matter what you do, what level you’ve reached, or how well you’re doing, there is always something you can learn in order to  up level. 

After working with hundreds of businesses, I discovered that mental attitude was, if anything, much more important than hard work or even great strategy. I found the most successful people in business were those who had a strong, positive mental attitude, but more importantly understood their strengths and used them to their best advantage.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in overthinking and overplanning. But here’s the thing: Planning and thinking and learning new things are what we do best – we’re wired for it – and since these are superpowers for us, we get a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from doing these activities.

But at some point, we need to take the necessary action, and our natural “dreads” come out to hinder us: dreads such as being visible, networking, having the spotlight on us, having to articulate what we do and risking criticism… you know, all the dreads that go with being an introvert trying to function in a world designed for extroverts. And that’s OK, I discovered a way to work to my unique strengths and I can help you do the same.  

Why Do I Need Coaching?

I get what you’re experiencing right now.  I understand the frustration that maybe you’ve tried some coaching before and they just didn’t “get you” or the way you “operate” or “like to do things”. And if you’re on the introverted side of the spectrum like me, your logical brain will be kicking in about now crushing the creative brain with, it just doesn’t work for me, or I have no time, will be uncomfortable, etc., etc.. 

Can you feel the anxiety starting to build?  The shutting down? That’s where coaching can help.   Being an entrepreneur or ‘Solopreneur’ business owner isn’t easy. And it can be frustrating and lonely.  

Coaching can help you gain self-awareness, clarity around your purpose &  goals, and get clear on what you really want for your business and your life.  It can re-energise your work, improve your productivity, and not just assist you with reaching your objectives, but to reach your full high-performance potential, and help you show up, make more money & most importantly make a difference.

Coaching brings new eyes and ears to your situation and provides a safe, non-judgmental space for you to figure out how to close that gap between where you are and where you truly desire to be.

Who Is Coaching For?

Business is going OK, but it still feels like a rollercoaster ride much of the time. Cashflow is tight, finding (the right) clients is hard, and you are just really tired of prospecting and selling all the time.  You feel drained and stuck, like the next level is seemingly out of reach… and with the effort it’s taking, you’re not even sure if it’s worth reaching – how can you possibly work even more hours.  You are looking for a way to grow your business but in a way that works for you, that just feels comfortable and from the heart.  

It doesn’t matter whether you run your own business or professional practice or play a key leadership role at a large corporation—the pressure and frustrations are universal. 

If you’re ready to create a compelling vision and plan for your life and business;  committed to taking action;  open to trying new ideas; accepting responsibility for your decisions and actions;  inject new energy, purpose, and focus into your business, then coaching is for you, 

If you’d like to work with someone who understands your challenges and can help you move forward with confidence and a sense of ease and fun. let’s talk!  Simply click the link below to schedule a time to have a chat with me.

Coaching Packages

Wealth Dynamics Test + Debrief

Take the Flow Test and receive a comprehensive 32 page report and 45 minute debrief .

More Details

Talent Dynamics is the worlds No1 Business Development Pathway for Accelerating Trust and Flow in Individuals, Teams and Companies. Taking your profile is the first step to gaining far deeper understanding about your own Talents and how to be In Flow more often so that you can achieve far great results without the need to work harder.

It will also help you to understand Who you need around you to build a High Performing Team that Trust you and each other, as well as helping you to recognise the areas you’ll find the most challenging so you can get the right support to grow.

The session last 45 minutes and is conducted over the phone or via our Video conference tools like Zoom or Skype whichever is best for you. All you need to have to hand is a copy of the PDF report you will be sent when you take your test.



12 Week Coaching Package           

The 9 Step Simple Business Revenue          Multiplier System”

Grow your buisness, work less hours, 

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Over 12 weeks together, we’ll go through every detail of the 9 step revenue multiplier system to get you crystal clear on what you need to do to grow your business your way.  You’ll receive weekly 1:1 coaching calls via phone or skype; access to our private FB group, all tools, templates, training resources, plus unlimited email support 


Business & Executive Coaching 

Customised Coaching plans to transform you and your business. 

More Details

We’ll customise coaching and mentoring services to go deep into what’s holding you back

  • Eliminating fears
  • Living deeply in Flow
  • Your Vision & Mission – clarification of your why 
  • Cultures & Values of your business
  • SWOT analysis for you & your business
  • Positioning your business for the future
  • Masterminding specific Issues
  • Structure of your business – systems, reporting, financials, succession planning& technology
  • Having the right team around you to leverage your success


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