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Design your Business to suit your life – Make More Profit,  Work less Hours and Make a Difference.  

A “Conscious Business”, where you focus on your desires and your passions, the work that excites you. 

A business that is Sustainable for you so you can focus on your family, team, clients, communities and the environment.

Elegantly simple solutions to build a business that works for you…

Book a 30 minute Business Profit "Simulator" session to see how easily you could increase profit in your business, and get a detailed report on finding those extra profits & the simple tools to make it happen!

Ian Woodhouse,
Business Consultant

Design Thinking

Your business needs creativity and innovation to succeed and grow, but it can be difficult to create & innovate when you are continuously bogged down in the day to day grind.

The mundane tasks, the emails, the questions, the decisions, the interruptions, the updates – all drain our energy (mental mostly). By the time you even find some time to maybe even start on some creative work, too late, you’re drained and just cant seem to see past the fog..

My approach focuses on finding solutions that meet your needs whilst still defining and creating value. It’s that mixture of creativity and systems – identifying problems (roadblocks, obstacles) and generating creative, practical solutions that fit into your business and life direction and plans. 

How I Can Help?

Whether it’s more money, more time, more freedom, less stress, or just to create more impact, let’s design and grow a purposeful, playful and profitable business. 

Why? Because when you create own unique & “conscious business”, your life will change – forever.



What Does Your Business Need Most Right Now? Direction? Cashflow? Team? Time? Action? Systems? Let's get clear on what you truly want your business and life to be and start creating what matters to you. It all starts here...

A Simple Roadmap

Design and create a business structure that work best for you and the way that you love to work. A detailed audit to know where you are at, and a personalised roadmap for the exact next steps to take to make it happen simply and easily.

More Time & Ease

Discover the "seasons" in your business and how to create a structure that wraps your business around your life. It's about designing "what you want" - not "what you think you should" or what others think you should. This is your Genius Zone!

Systems Made Simple

Make the shift from "Owner" To "CEO" by creating simple systems to delegate, empower your team, cut costs and systemize yourself out of the "Day-To-Day" operations so you can focus on what really matters.

High performance

When individuals recognize their true value and play to their strengths, it not only improves the culture, but contributes success for the business, creating value, profit and win/win/win for everyone!


No-one else can possibly know what is best for you, what makes you thrive or brings you joy. Only you can decide what that desire is, and the best way to get and stay in flow - what type of genius are you?

A Simple Growth System

The Foundation

Let's create the conerstone of what you really want your business to be built on, desires, dreams and purpose.

The Cashflow

Let's find some hidden profit so you can free up your time and get the resources you need to create your design.

The Plan

Simple systems work magic because they ensure the right team does the right same things the best way to get optimal results

The Execution

Conscious action combined with perfect timing to ensure that the plan comes together easily and effectively.

Tailored Programs To
Meet Your Goals And Needs

More Passion

I help Business owners get clear + connect to who they are so they can actualize their vision, build a team and business that inspires and grows. Where your strengths can help you build a company that flows. One where you focus your energy on what makes you special and build a team that compliments you.

More Time

Time is the one thing you can't get more of – every business wants more money but usually it involves working longer running harder and then you have the money but no time to enjoy it. Not just time to focus on bigger or more important projects, but time to focus on your passions and desires, your family. Now your business is wrapped around your life.

More Profit

Most business owners think in terms of revenue. More leads equals more customers equals more money equals solve the financial problems. Growing revenue is easy but it usually comes with more time and expenses needed. A Conscious business focuses on sustainable growth in profits. Now your business is working for you.

More Impact

You’re feeling like a rock star leader after seeing what your team has created by being in their zone focusing on their strengths. Work is fun and you have a work-life balance to dream of. You know deep down that you and your team are bringing your best selves to work and life, every day. Now you are creating a ripple effect with far reaching benefits.

Are You Ready to Design Your Dream Business?

Get in touch today for a free consultation and let’s discuss your pathway to a conscious, sustainable business

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