Which of the eight profiles are you?

Are you a Creator like Richard Branson? Naturally creative and leaving the details to others?

Are you a Star like Oprah Winfrey? Growing a brand to shine brightly on others?

Are you a Supporter like Meg Whitman? Leading from the front where people come first?

Are you a Deal Maker like Donald Trump? Where it’s all about the negotiation?

Are you a Trader like George Soros? Profiting from a great sense of timing?

Are you an Accumulator like Warren Buffett? With slow and steady winning the race?

Are you a Lord like Angela Merkel? Where it’s all about the attention to detail?

Are you a Mechanic like Mark Zuckerberg? Perfecting the system for others to use?


What is a Talent Dynamics Profile?

Talent Dynamics is a unique profiling system, Created by Roger James Hamilton (GeniusU / Entrepreneur’s Institute), for entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams, and currently used successfully worldwide to access their natural Flow. It assesses your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour, and, the resulting profile is a natural path to your most productive state called ‘flow’

What is Flow?

Think of Flow as the path of least resistance, where you naturally add the most value and get the most done.  When we are in Flow our actions become effortless, we are in harmony with our natural talents, obstacles are easily overcome, actions are completed, and our sense of enjoyment and productivity increases.  In contrast, when we are out of Flow  you can feel a sense of overwhelm, anxiety and unhappiness, that usually results in procrastination and low output or productivity.


Where does Talent Dynamics Originate From?

Talent Dynamics is based on extensive research of the ancient Chinese system of thinking called the “I Ching”, which translates as “ Book of Changes”.  Many commonly used profile techniques such as Myers Briggs and DISC evolved from Carl Jung’s work and also derive their basis from the I Ching.  However, Talent Dynamics is unique in that is also incorporates the Chinese philosophies which describe the five natural frequencies or energy types.  These energy types manifest themselves in the character traits that we can see easily in people around us.


What Does it Mean for You?

Imagine knowing – without a doubt – how to easily grow and scale your business, doing only the things that you enjoy doing, are great at and truly add value to what you do. That once confusing path you stumbled along is now clear and each step is mapped out for you. You umderstand why certain tasks are energy and productivty draining blockers, your personal GPS is set and success is now a journey.


Why Take the Test?

Could you picture Richard Branson as a footballer, or Bill Gates as a TV presenter?

Probably not, right? Because they discovered the talents they were born with and capitalized on them. They followed the path that worked for them, their path of least resistance, and they excelled at it because it fit them perfectly. How do you think your life and business might benefit from identifying your inherent strengths and pathways?

From your profile you’ll understand who to follow as the right role model for you and see how their different profiles allowed them to create and grow. For example;


  • Oprah created her significant wealth very differently to Warren Buffett.
  • Richard Branson created his wealth very differently to Steve Jobs
  • Donald Trump created wealth very differently to Mark Zuckerberg.

What if there was a way to Build Your Business and Your Team without feeling you were firefighting every day and spending time doing jobs you really don’t enjoy…

  • Understand your own Talent Dynamics’ Profile to help you see where you should be spending your time to get the best returns for your business, and why you get ‘frustrated’
  • Know how to build high performing and highly productive teams who want to work hard and deliver great service and support to customers, and make coming to work a joy for everybody
  • Reduce your recruitment risks and costs by making sure the candidate is the right profile for the role and will be a great fit to your existing team and not an expensive experiment
  • Learn how to manage the different personalities and profiles on your team so they feel personally understood, become positively productive and enjoy being held accountable for their actions
  • Increase your team’s engagement and enjoyment at work so that they stay with the company for longer, reducing staff turnover stresses and building a culture of commitment and confidence

Join 500,000 entrepreneurs and leaders who are following their flow with Talent & Wealth Dynamics, and GeniusU.


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