Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset coaching is all about you getting absolute clarity on what your ideal life and business looks like and creating a clear plan to get you there 

How much does Coaching Cost?

Our coaching packages are customised to exactly suit what you are looking to achieve. The cost will vary on the mix of 1:1, support and help needed. Rather than cost think of it as an investment that will pay itself back many many times over. Contact me to see what options are available.

Is Coaching similar to Mentoring?

Mentoring is normally where an expert in a field will give advice on what has worked for them. Coaching is more about me asking you the questions to find the path that works best for you, after all I believe you have the answers we just need to tease them out.

Why do I need to do a Personality Profile First?

The Flow Profile that I use reveals the type of personality that is your natural genius, to identify your best strengths and best ways that you communicate. By doing this first it allows us to really hone in on how to absolutely maximise the coaching process and the results you will achieve

What happens if I get too busy or just get stuck?

We set clear guidelines at the start of the relationship to ensure you have time and clear steps to move forward. Usually my clients only get stuck if they fall back to old habits, or try and do things that are out of their “flow” Our accountability/coaching 1on1 sessions will ensure that you stay “unstuck” and on target. That’s my guarantee to you.

How do you conduct the Coaching Sessions?

Most often, sessions are conducted over the phone, Skype, or Zoom. This allows for optimal flexibility and convenience and I will work with you to find mutually convenient session times.

What else is included?

All clients have access to a secure online client-only website that contains self-directed courses, forms, goal setting worksheets, and other useful tools to support getting the most out of the coaching experience.

How do I know if your coaching is right for Me?

I have designed the discovery call as a ‘get to know each other’ session. We can discuss the outcomes you are looking for, the type of coaching that will work best, but most importantly to see if we are a good fit to work together in our relationship. 

Do You have a Guarantee?

Absolutely! If I don’t help you achieve the results we agree on, I will work with you at no charge until you reach your desired outcomes.