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I’ll show you how to build your business and team with ease and enjoyment.

Why Flow Coaching

When you are in flow, you are so fully engaged and immersed in an activity that you feel relaxed, but also challenged, interested but without any stress. I like to describe it to my clients as doing something where you lose your sense of time, and you focus on and get lost in only the task at hand. Those times where you were so engrossed in what you were doing that you eventually look up and think “wow, where did the time go?

Traditional Management thinking has always been based on “working on your weaknesses”, but the problem with this approach is it dilutes the focus on your strengths, which causes energy drain and low productivity in getting tasks done, if at all.

The Talent Dynamics Flow Profile provides you with an accurate guide to help you into Flow by identifying strategies and steps to focus on that are “naturally” you. It will give you insights and clarity on yourself and your easiest interaction with others, all leading to high performance and results.

Talent Dynamics is also a powerful tool to identify the best people to add to your team to complement your own strengths and fill any gaps. Your team will feel connected, trusted and understood – critical elements in any successful enterprise.

Imagine a team that worked well together, could anticipate each other and could back each other up. A team fully ‘in flow’. What impact would that have on your business or organisation?



What we cover 

Your Natural Flow Profile

Understanding your flow profile is the foundation to growing your business. Knowing the things that you love doing not only maximises your productivity but also allows you to identify the perfect audience, business and dream team to make it all happen.

We will work on:

  • Your Talent Dynamics Primary Profile 
  • Your leadership style and best way for you to lead 
  • The best way for you to communicate 
  • Your strengths & challenges, what gets you into your flow, what are distractions and what are opportunities,  
  • The best and worst activities for you in the workplace
  • How to work with and get the most out of the different people in your team.
  • How to create value using your profile
  • Know how to build high performing and highly productive teams
  • Reduce your recruitment risks and costs by making sure the candidate is the right profile for the role
  • Your natural personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour allowing you and your team to focus on strengths and support each other in areas you aren’t naturally drawn to.

Curious to know more?

Like to know what type of profile you are and how you can increase productivity, revenues, profits and results almost immediately? Contact Ian to see what is possible. We will look at your business and life and see what program will work best for you

My Approach

When I did the Talent Dynamics Profile, it was like a weight finally lifted from my shoulders. It was the first time in my life that I truly understood why some seemingly complex things  just glided through, and yet other seemingly simple tasks seemd to take forever and just left me feeling drained and tired.

Things that I previously believed I had to do as “part of my job & skill development” I now simply hand off or delegate and only focus on the things that get me into my flow. The productivity lift and results have to be experienced to be believed. 

We’ll work together to help you gain a far deeper understanding about your own Talents and how to be In Flow more often, so that you can achieve far greater results without the need to work harder.  We’ll also work to understand who you need around you to build a High Performing Team that trust you and each other, as well as helping you to recognise the areas you’ll find the most challenging so you can get the right support to grow. And I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

Further Information

Personal Growth

  • Purchase your Flow Profile and 32 page comprehensive report ($197)

  • Purchase the Flow Profile + 60 minute Debrief + 60 minute Coaching session ($497)

  • Contact Ian to explore ways to use Flow profiling with your team.

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